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 Thompson & Crowley Masonry Inc. is a trusted name in masonry in Massachusetts. We are an experienced third generation masonry repair and construction company. Our family has been working in the masonry field for 50 plus continuous years. With decades of experience working with local stone, bricks, blocks and cement we know what works and how to save you time and money. Having decades of experience in New England masonry we are uniquely qualified to meet your masonry repair goals. 

 If you need general masonry repairs, cement or mortar repairs, structural foundation repairs, foundation repairs, lime foundation repairs, waterproofing or new steps we have you covered. 

Contact us today for all your masonry repairs and foundation restoration needs. Masonry restoration specializing in masonry repairs, foundation restoration and fine stone and brick works. All small jobs welcome. 

             State licensed (CSL/HIC) and fully insured with workman's compensation and liability insurance.   

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Complete foundation restoration services available. Interior and exterior foundation repairs. Stone and brick foundation repairs with lime mortar restoration. Have your old foundation restored with a complete pointing and sealing by expert masons. Foundation interior wall coating and white washing.  


 With over 50 years of Massachusetts foundation repairs experience our company has you covered .

Masonry Contractor
Our masonry company provides masonry repairs of brick, block, cement and stone. We also offer construction and installation of brick, block, pavers and stone. We work with all masonry materials with experience and knowledge of Massachusetts building codes and environment. We can provide expert masonry contractor services by identifying masonry materials, masonry failure or the needed method to best construct bricks, blocks and stone on your home, business or landscape. We work with designers, general contractors, business and home owners.

Stone masonry
 Stone masonry is the most stunning of all masonry. Nothing manufactured can compare to the durability and elegance of natural stone. Properly installed stone masonry is a one time investment. Stone walls, steps, patios and walkways can all be made from stone. We use quarry stone, field stone, select wall stone and pallets of building veneer stone, thin veneer and flagging. Stone steps can be built with dimensional stone treads and tiles for landings making any entryway a show piece. Add a natural stone or paver walkway and the desired curb appeal is easily achieved with natural stone masonry. We hand chisel, cut and split our stone work for best results. We have been building and repairing stone masonry in Massachusetts for decades and know what works with local slope, grade, ledge, climate, ground frost, footings, back-fill , drainage and stone building materials. 

Stone retaining walls
We offer you an aesthetically pleasing method to effectively repairing stone walls on your property. We have the stone to exponentially improve and repair your walls while maintaining or restoring the structural integrity needed to retain portions of your property. Stone wall repairs and construction made by  master stone masons with years of stone wall construction experience.

Brick steps
This is a storied material with plenty of character and reliability, making a wonderful addition to your property. Steps take residents, guests and clients to where you want to take them, and our rich experience will yield the design and craft that you are seeking. We offer brick step construction and brick step repairs. We can fix, repair and build your brick steps.

 Stone steps
When it comes to some of the first building materials ever used, stone is possibly the most attractive. Solid, stable, reliable and gorgeous, the stone we provide is water proof, eco-friendly and in some cases is locally mined, so you have a consistent and organically flowing feel to your landscape. As seasoned stone workers, we enjoy a challenging project using the material, and we are also excited to maximize our efforts on smaller projects. We offer stone step repairs and construction.

Foundation repairs
 We offer complete foundation repairs. Interior field stone foundation restoration with stone basement waterproofing. Stone foundation base repairs with stone wall footprint rebuilds. Brick foundation repairs with brick replacement and brick foundation wall repairs.Stone pointing and brick repairs. We specialize in complete foundation restorations. Complete pointing and repairs of all damaged or failing bricks and stones. Mortar repairs and sealing. We use period correct materials and modern advancements in our foundation repairs. 

Masonry repairs
General masonry repairs consist of many elements from brick and stone repairs to concrete cracks and paver setting. We work with all aspects of New England masonry. We offer stucco and crack repairs. Brick pointing and brick replacement. Brick work including , brick steps, brick walls, brick foundations and brick veneers. Brick walkways and patio repairs are also available. Brick stair repairs are offered by licensed brick mason up to date on all current building codes for best brick stair installation. Small concrete cracks or failing mortar can be repaired to prevent structural damage and costly replacement. Complete stone masonry repairs including stone wall repairs, stone foundation repairs, stone step and walk way repairs. Concrete repairs and new slabs. Garage restoration including garage floors, sills, structural wood repairs, foundation base and new garage floors.