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 Thompson & Crowley Masonry Inc. is a trusted name in masonry in Massachusetts. We are an experienced third generation stone foundation restoration and masonry repair company.

 Our family has been working in the masonry field for 50 plus continuous years. With decades of experience working with local stone, bricks, blocks and cement we know what works and how to save you time and money. Having decades of experience in New England masonry we are uniquely qualified to meet your foundation repairs and masonry repair goals. 

 If you need complete foundation restoration, structural foundation repairs, foundation repairs, lime foundation repairs, foundation sealing, waterproofing, white washing, brick, stone, cement repairs we have you covered. 

Contact us today for all your foundation restoration and masonry repair needs. Masonry restoration specializing in historic foundation restoration. If it's made from brick, stone, block or concrete we can fix it !


             State licensed (CSL/HIC) and fully insured with workman's compensation and liability insurance.

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Benefit from our years of experience and have your foundation or masonry repaired by Thompson Crowley.

 We are fully licensed and insured legal entity in Massachusetts. We complete hundreds of masonry repairs each year with out complications or fail. We are a small company who work closely with property owners to meet their masonry goals.  If its made from brick, block, stucco or cement we can fix it.

Specializing in lime mortar historic foundation restoration. We provide free estimates and written contracts for all work to be performed. We perform all our own work with close attention to detail and implementation of contracted work. 

 Thompson Crowley offers professional stone and brick foundation restoration. Since the 1960's our family has worked in the brick and stone foundation restoration business on the North Shore and through out Massachusetts. Having learned European lime masonry in Ireland and England our Grandfather quickly gained success in Massachusetts repairing and restoring foundations. Foundations built in Massachusetts in the 1600's, 1700's, 1800's and early 1900's were all constructed with lime based mortars. We have been repairing and restoring lime stone foundations for decades. Our current third generation family owner a master stone and brick mason grew up in the 1970's white washing basements and repairing brick and stone foundations.

 Today Thompson Crowley Masonry specializes in stone foundation restoration with complete interior and exterior repairs. We work on historic period homes and all stone and brick foundations applying traditional and modern masonry techniques. Lime based and fortified cement restoration available.


 Our company has the great advantage of being seasoned stone and brick masons. There is no aspect of foundation repairs we are not familiar with. We know exactly how the bricks and stone foundations were built. What mortars were used and why. We can quickly identify the type of stone or brick used in the foundation. Dimensional stone, ledge, rubble stone, hard or soft brick all play a part in New England foundation repairs.

 Being experienced third generation masons we can professionally lay brick, set stone, cut out and repair masonry joints with re-pointing. We just don't smear materials over cracks and failing masonry. We expertly repair the stone or brick. We cut out cracks and repoint, set all loose stones. Remove and repair damaged or spalling bricks to allowing  for a structural repairs not just covering up the problem.

Stone Foundation Repairs By Stone Masons

Masonry Repairs

If you need your bricks, block, stone or cement fixed by a professional masonry company we can help.

 We have three generations of family masonry experience working locally with home and property owners. Masonry does not fail as a complete unit. Traditionally stone, bricks and mortar become loose or crack. Old mortar can be replaced, loose bricks can be replaced and stones can be reset. Repairing masonry will often mean the main entry way of someones home. Don't take chances with the unknown. Go with an established trusted name in Massachusetts Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. 

 Your bricks, stones and cement will be fixed by a fully licensed and insured mason contractor. There will be no guess work or experiments on your property only professional masonry repairs.

              Third  Generation  New England  Masonry 

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