Third Generation Masonry

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New England's Finest Stone Foundation Restoration And Masonry Repairs

 Our family started in the Masonry industry in the 1960's in the Lynn and Peabody area. After learning the masonry trade in Europe our Grandfather quickly gained success in Massachusetts masonry. After a decade of working closely with the owner of a local masonry company our grandfather inherited the business and operated it for 40 years. Our father and uncles all worked for him and it became the family business.

 Our  father opened his own masonry repair business in the 1970's T&C MASONRY in the Peabody, Salem and Danvers area focusing on brick repairs, stone wall repairs and stone foundation repairs. Growing up we had the benefit of our grandfathers knowledge and our father. After decades of laboring and learning masonry materials, brick laying and stone setting Thompson Crowley Masonry took shape.

     Thompson & Crowley Masonry Inc.

 Thompson Crowley Masonry specializes in professional masonry repairs, stone foundation restoration, brick and stone work and general masonry repairs. Over the years the pursuit of stone foundation restoration has taken us all over Massachusetts. Today we service the Peabody and Burlington surrounding areas with equipment, employees, materials and owners in both locations.

   We are local third generation New England masonry repair contractors. We operate a legitimate masonry company with state licensing, full insurance, legal payroll and employees with workman's compensation.


Masonry is our profession and we take it very seriously providing expert repairs, best building practices and fine stone and brick work. Historic foundation restoration with period correct lime mortar .