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 Basement waterproofing  by Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. involves generations of experience with Massachusetts foundations. We did not buy a franchise or join a network to gain our experience, we have worked with stone, brick and concrete foundations for over fifty years in Massachusetts. Before that our Grandfather worked in Ireland and England waterproofing and restoring foundations. European white washing techniques are still used today by waterproofing professionals as an industry standard. We learned first hand how to restore and waterproof stone and brick foundations. We offer complete lime restoration and sealing of historic homes with lime mortars. ​

 Along with traditional restoration we are experts with all masonry advancements including fortified cements, structural skins, French drains, sump pumps, dry wells, polymers, sealants, waterproofing agents, hydraulic plug, type n mortar, type s mortar , Portland cement and  rapid setting cement products.

At times when all the foundation walls are repaired and water enters from the flooring. This is a sign of a water table elevation issue. Water entering the surface due to high saturation can be redirected with interior drain systems. Often interior drain systems that empty into a basin which will then be pumped out of your home keeping your basement dry. We use a full line of sump pumps and have years of experience with degrees of pipe  pitch and water flow. New concrete flooring or floor repairs are also covered. All of our sump pumps our installed by our Licensed on staff master plumber.  or  617-633-1896

Basement waterproofing includes several factors. At Thompson Crowley we can identify the cause of the problem and offer you a waterproofing solution. We don't just bolt up screens and drains and call it a day. Why live with unwanted water in your home or business . Waterproofing foundations requires a knowledge of interior and exterior foundations. Water volume issues from grade, slop , ledge and down spouts. Stone foundations are built primarily with cement only above grade and on the interior wall joints below grade. Over time the below grade mortar used washes out or dries and flakes due to the high water volume over the years. We repair exterior and interior foundations. Exterior foundation crack repair service with below grade foundation base repairs. Large voids below grade can easily be repaired and cut down the interior water pressure and essentially fix the leak. High amounts of  water pressure and the water must be redirected away from the foundation . Redirecting exterior water volume away from your stone or brick foundation can be accomplished with French drains, dry wells, grading and concrete aprons .

 Interior repairs consist of stone pointing , brick, block or cement repairs. Foundation structural repairs including stone setting, rebuilding bowing and failing walls. Waterproof coatings , waterproof sealants and leak repairs. Waterproof coatings weather proofs and seals out dampness, stops seeing and cuts radon infiltration, resistant to mold and mildew.

Before any form of sealant or structural skin is applied we repair all loose, soft mushy, flakey , old crumbling joints. Basement waterproofing is about creating a barrier to prevent water from entering . Create a great enough barrier by repairing the foundation and simply water will not enter your basement.

​ Often waterproofing companies shy away from stone or brick foundations due to the amount of work required and not being masons they are not staffed to handle such problems. At Thompson Crowley Masonry we welcome stone, brick, block and concrete foundations. We are professional masons with generations of basement waterproofing experience. 

Why simply instal interior perimeter drains and leave your foundation falling apart and structurally failing ?

 We can restore and waterproof your basement at competitive cost of drain systems with unmatched quality and experience. 

Basement Leaks

Basement Waterproofing 

Massachusetts basement waterproofing  617-633-1896

Small basement leaks, Cracks, infiltration, flooding and wall failure. Floor leaks, wall leaks, bulk head leaks or window leaks. We repair all aspect of basement and foundation issues. Structural wood and beam repairs, columns, windows and bulkhead repairs.

 Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Burlington, Winchester and Arlington area basement waterproofing and leak repairs. With equipment and home offices in the Peabody and Burlington area we can better serve our customers. 

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