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Brick Step faqs 
frequently asked questions
  Q. What is the best way to repair my brick stairs?
  A. By brick pointing and replacing failing bricks or stone treads.
  Q. Will my brick stairs be a safe secure structure when repair is complete?
  A. Yes we can repair and secure all aspects of your brick stairs.
  Q. Can you build me new brick stairs.
  A. Yes we are fully licensed and insured and up to date on all brick stair code compliance.
  Q. Does your company have experience with brick work.
  A. Yes our family has been working with brick and brick steps for 50 PLUS continuous years.


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Brick Steps

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Brick steps feature a classic and traditional style to your home or business that has a tremendous suggestion of order and symmetry. Brick also adds a vintage accent to the flow of your home. If you have a business in a historic area in particular, step repair is something you want done right so clients understand the value of where you do business. It is also a matter of safety.
 What is very special about brick is, as far as looks go, it has multiple uses and blends in with all materials – that is a very important consideration. If your home or business features wood and even other kinds of stone or block, brick can be a welcome accent. Additionally, if you have an all-brick home or building, switching materials up may not be the appropriate look you are going for. Not to be outdone, we also have a variety of styles for brick steps to deliver to you exactly what you have in mind. 
Another wonderful consideration for your project you should remember: brick has amazing heat-retaining properties. It is not going to heat your home during the winter, but will assist in natural snow and ice melting during our Massachusetts winters.

 We offer brick step repairs and construction with many popular choices in natural stone treads and landing tiles. Brick stairs do require a skilled mason with state licensing and knowledge of building codes and best building practices.

Brick Step Repairs And Construction
Stairways and steps are an integral part of your property’s landscape, and it directs foot traffic to desired areas. Doing so safely is the most important function of brick steps and stairs. As we are open seven days a week and offer free estimates, consultation with us, as professional and courteous craftsmen, will help you tremendously in considering your project. We are three-generations entrenched in fine New England masonry, and whether you live or work in a contemporary structure or one reaching back several decades or longer, you know we have what it takes to achieve optimal results from your job. 

When it comes to brick steps, people know you are laying a solid foundation for your home or business. Brick and mortar at your home or business demands a refined touch. When you choose us you get a family affair that has worked in your community for several generations. As licensed and insured craftsmen, we are a business decision in which you can find peace of mind. All the while, you are getting a beautiful material that has some of the most character in the history of building. 

Brick dates all the way back to 10,000 years ago and were first mentioned in the Bible. The material permeated most cultures in the old world, and much of America’s history in major historic cities was built with brick. It is no wonder why people are in love with the material, and that is why we are masters in doing any brick work you need in your home or business. Throughout the ages, visible brickwork has come back into vogue time and time again, and as experienced masons we agree that it is among the most stylish and reliable of materials. When your home or business receives our work, you can rest assured it is work that is made to last.

We will take your project to the next level with brick steps in Massachusetts, as well as Peabody, Salem, Danvers and Burlington Area. Our brick step repairs and New Brick steps can be seen in Arlington, Burlington, Reading and surrounding areas.

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