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Dry stone wall repairs

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Massachusetts dry stone walls

 Stone walls can be repaired in sections or completely rebuilt. Loose wall stones can be set in place, leaning or failed sections can be put back with existing stones. Over time dry stone walls may need repairs and this can be accomplished with out disrupting the look of the wall. We take time in repairing walls making sure the stone sits correctly and will not push out. If we are using cement products the cement is recessed and not seen. When working with mortared stone caps or stone columns we can match the masons mix to allow for correct aging and weathering.

 Some New England homes have loose stones that are carelessly placed in a rough line to create a wall or property line. Aged stones have a distinct weathered look and are sought after in stone masonry. These stones can be used to build an attractive boundary wall or stone fence saving on materials.


 If you need help repairing your stone work or building new walls or steps, we can help. All work completed by owner and operator a third generation New England stone mason with a Massachusetts state license for masonry and full insurance coverage.   


North Andover free standing stone wall rebuild with reclaimed wall stone.

Our dry stone wall work can be seen in Concord , Carlisle and through out Massachusetts.

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How to repair dry stone walls

Thompson Crowley Masonry  offers dry stone wall construction and restoration. For three generations we have worked with local property owners to maintain our Massachusetts landscapes. Building and restoring dry stone walls is something we take pride in and are honored to uphold New England masonry traditions.

 Building of a traditional dry stone wall takes knowledge of techniques you do not use in wet or mortared stone masonry. In mortared stone walls masons tend to rely on cements to level stone beds and hold stones in place. This is the chief reason we see walls failing so quickly. Stones walls that are built with mortar that are not properly set create stress on the masonry joints and failure resulting in cracks, loose stones and walls collapsing. 

  When repairing dry stone walls we rely on the weight of the stone to anchor itself in place to other stone. Simple but practical methods of two over one and one over two are good rules to live by in dry stone wall building. Stone variations along with tie stones can create attractive, long lasting stone walls. When building any wall we use a slight batter which tilts the wall back a few degrees allowing gravity to work with the wall rather than causing joint stress and loose stones. Over the generations we have practiced traditional European and New England stone walling and know what works and will stand the test of time on your property.