Foundation leaks  are caused by failing foundation walls. Masonry that leaks has either deteriorated over time or have cracked letting water leak into your basement. At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have experience with all aspects of leak repairs. Stone foundations with soft dusty mortar joints that have lost their  bond over the years are a leading cause of water infiltration in stone foundations. Below grade water saturates the mortar and allows for water seepage, leaks or flooding.

 Block foundations became popular in the early 1920's after a hundred plus years these foundation require masonry mortar maintenance and waterproof coatings. Block foundations will also have hollow cylinders unless core filled that can be point of foundation leaks.

 Concrete foundations can settle, shrink and crack causing basement leaks.  We can repair cracks and waterproof walls with custom blends of fortified cements and sealants.

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How to repair foundation leaks

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Foundation Leaks

To solve foundation leaking first you have to determine the cause of the leak. Cracks, voids, failing sealant, mortar failure and the obvious water infiltration. Once the leak is identified we like to look outside and see the source of water volume. Down spouts, grading, trees, root systems, holes and voids are the usual suspects. Some less obvious causes are ledge, water table and poor outside soil. Foundation wall leaks can be fixed, repaired and ultimately sealed with waterproofing.  Proper identification of masonry materials is key in determining how to repair leaky foundation walls. 


At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have mastered the use of traditional lime mortars and fortified cement. We know what works and what to avoid. We have repaired thousands of foundation leaks in Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Beverly and surrounding areas. 

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