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Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. offers professional foundation restoration. We have the learned skill set to build and repair your stone or brick. We know what works from generations of foundation repair experience in Massachusetts. Foundation repairs require the knowledge to find the problem creating the crack, bowing or possible leak. We know what works and how to fix it for lasting results. We are stone masons who build with stone and brick. We understand slope retaining, load weight concerns, ground silts, back fill, water volume, run off, pitch, grade concerns, beams, sills, floor and rim joist repairs.
  More importantly we don't rely on cement to do our job. We repair the stone, block or brick relieving the stress on joint or structure essentially fixing the problem. True stone masonry sits on itself using the weight of the stone and placement. Bricks can be repaired in sections or replaced. Being actual masons we don't shy away from masonry repairs. Stone interior and exterior foundation restoration available with waterproofing. Removal of soft flaky foundation wall joints and repairs with optional basement sealing.

Foundation repairs entail a whirlwind of possible anxieties and loathing that you want to nip in the bud right away. If you have a concern about your home or businesses foundation, it means the lifestyle you enjoy as you know it could literally begin to crumble before your eyes. It is an untenable thought, even if it is your guess the foundation is most likely okay, you do not want to delay on any concern.

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 Foundation Restoration

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 At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have been repairing stone foundations for decades. We are actual stone and brick masons who professionally install stone and bricks. We offer structural stone foundation repairs with the ability to completely restore your foundation. Our foundation repairs go beyond power washing and sealants. There is no sealant in the world that can relieve the back pressure of a bowing foundation wall. Being stone masons who have been building and repairing stone walls and foundations for three generations in Massachusetts we know what causes cracks in foundation walls, bowing, sinking, leaks and foundation failure. 

 Foundation problems typically start below grade with settling of the foundation base. Most Massachusetts homes have a 7ft foundation walls with 4ft below grade and 3ft. free standing. The four ft. below grade is essentially a stone retaining wall that acts as a footing for the 3ft of above grade. Over time ground silts and weaken the masonry joints in the often lime based foundation walls and cause leaks, cracks and shifting. Foundation base shifts below grade cause the above grade portion to crack, sink or shift which is are all signs of foundation failure.

 The below grade foundation bases become dry and flaky over time and loose strength and bonding ability this causes the masonry cement to fail and stones loosen. Stone shims that were holding building stones in place will fall out and cause joint stress resulting in cracks and loose stones.


 We offer complete foundation restoration for interior and exterior stone, brick or block foundations. Complete pointing and restoration. Brick repairs, stone repairs, structural repairs and waterproofing. Lime based restorations and white washing with fortified cement based products. Basement sealant and waterproofing with complete structural repairs.

Each year more than a quarter million homeowners are faced with structural troubles such as buckled floors, cracked walls and sinking foundations. These basic and devastating flaws – bowing, sinking, buckling and cracks – are typically caused by shifting or unstable soil, foundation settling, changing environmental conditions or simply shoddy design and landscaping. These signs usually initiate quietly enough, but what begins with a whimper too often ends with a bang. In this case, you would need foundation repairs immediately. The best thing you can do to save your house is to act immediately. Quick and swift action in the early stages preempts a series of necessary repairs in the future, or even the loss of your home. 

Signs for homeowner foundation repairs  in Massachusetts:

You do not want your house to be the severe case in which it is declared unfit for habitation. With our many years of experience, we know the unfortunate hallmarks that scream for attention and possible foundation repairs. Sloped or cracking floors, an inability to fully close doors or windows, cracked bricks or cinder blocks, cracks in interior walls, separating or leaning chimneys and cracked stairs or mortar joints. These issues may arise faintly and only very gradually become noticeable. If you begin to notice very fine cracks, however, they often have a tendency to rapidly exaggerate a non-flushed foundation and structural issues will persist. Of course, these considerations apply to any building, and we can help save the edifice in which your business dwells.

We are uniquely qualified to handle foundation repairs in Massachusetts. We have been working in the area for three generations and fully understand our buildings and the grounds they rest upon. We have seen it all, and we specialize in foundations including a stone base and brick foundation, point and spot work with stone and brick, as well as basement sealing. As you might imagine, tightly sealing one’s basement is vitally important. Moisture and water may lead to mold and rot and is the leading deteriorating element we know. 

What we can do is repair the most basic and fundamental aspect of your home or business, your building’s foundation. As with all of our services, we demand the highest standard in delivering your foundation repairs. We are licensed and insured, and our decades of expertise in dealing with New England’s bedrock and particular terrain issues make us the most qualified to deal with your foundation’s issues. Among all the various successful, cost-effective techniques to securing your home’s foundation, we have one overall goal, absolute and total customer satisfaction. Our knowledge and reliability runs through three generations and has been tried, tested and approved year after year. Let us secure your foundation.

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