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Foundation FAQ'S

Do you work with lime based foundations ?

Yes we use period correct masonry cements with restorations. Lime foundation restoration and fortified cements with polymers. We offer lime European whitewashing , sealants or structural skins.

How do fix failing stone foundations ?

If the stones are loose we reset them by carefully removing the stones and failing mortar. Once the stone beds are clean and ready for new masonry cement we reset the stone and fill all voids or masonry joints.

​My interior basement walls have soft flakey white powder in between the stones can this be fixed ?
Yes this is very common of early New England homes that used a masons mix which is hydrated lime and coarse sand. The lime initially acts as a great bonding agent and waterproofer.  Over time the below grade portion of the foundation due to water saturation behind the walls become dry and flakey. The soft, powdery masonry joints between the stones cause the rocks to be loose and shift. The shifting stones in the foundation base causes settling and results in above grade cracks and shifting . The above grade portion of your foundation or the free standing section is reliant upon the foundation base being structurally sound. The dried out joints also cause leaks and flooding.

How do you repair this ?
​We can restore your foundation by removing the loose flakey joint and reporting the stones. We use a type n masonry cement specifically designed for restoration purposes. If there is excessive water issues we can use fortified Portland cement based products to add a greater barrier that essentially waterproofs your stone foundation.

Do you use sealant on the interior?
Yes upon completion of all masonry repairs we use lime based sealants for European white washing. We also use polymer based sealants for foundations with high water volumes. Structural skins ( fortified Portland cement with fibers ) can be added to particular problem areas.

​We never add any sealants before thoroughly repairing the foundation. Adding of a masonry sealant is not the solution to foundation repairs . Repointing all damaged joints and setting loose stones and making all required masonry repairs is the only true answer. If this vital step is not in place the sealants will not last and fail. Upon completion of all repairs we can confidently add waterproofing sealants with the assurance of a complete restoration.

Do you repair exterior foundations ?
Yes we can repair any aspect of your stone foundation. Exterior cracks, washed out joints at ground level, grade issues and complete wall failure.

Our foundation walls are bowing and ready to collapse can you fix this?
Yes we offer structural rebuilds of failed foundation sections. We use existing stone with additional stone if needed. We have decades of experience building and rebuilding stone foundations.

Do you offer foundation repairs on historic homes ?

Yes we've worked on historic homes through out Massachusetts from Small cottages to sprawling mansions in Peabody, Salem, Old Marblehead, Lexington, Newton, Melrose, Belmont, Concord, Manchester-by-the Sea and Nahant. We use period correct masonry cement and materials. All our work is professionally executed for seamless repairs and accurate restorations.

What are structural foundation repairs ?

Structural foundation repairs are stone, block, brick, cement or wood structure repairs.

Can you repair floor joist and sills ?

Yes when rebuilding stone and brick foundations we brace, repair and replace damaged wood.

​Do you install Lally columns?
( steal columns )
Yes if main beams require extra support or old brick columns need to have steal reinforcement.

Can you rebuild failing wall sections ?

Yes we can repair or rebuild any aspect of foundations ?

​Can you implement engineering plans ?
Yes we work closely with home owners, contractors and local building departments to implement approved plans.

Do all structural repairs require plans or a permit ?
No we can often rebuild or restore your foundation without altering size and dimensions in the existing footprint.

​Do you offer brick and stone foundation rebuilding ?
Yes we work with all masonry foundations. If its cracked, leaning or failing we can fix it.

What is the best way to repair my bowing foundation wall ?
​First we secure the foundation by putting in temporary steal post. As a back up which is tradition we also secure the foundation walls with 6x6 timbers for additional security before dismantling.
We then carefully dismantle the failing section. Also we remove any adjacent back pressure to allow for new construction of foundation walls. We dispose of excess debris and bring in additional stone or new brick if needed.

Before we rebuild foundation walls we install a spread footing or steal reinforced footings.

The foundation base is then built up to grade height. We are careful to waterproof the exterior side 3ft below grade to help with ground water infiltration . At grade height we then tie in brick or stone work as required with close attention to matching brick, mortar and bond of brick or stone.
Upon completion of foundation rebuilds we regrade the exterior if possible so water sheds away from the foundation.  Waterproof coating can be added if desired.

What are structural foundation repairs ?
Structural foundation repairs in Massachusetts includes every component of a sound and stable foundation. Loose stones and bricks affect the stability of your home. Loose foundation stones leads to cracks, sinking and movement. Foundation walls that are bowing or leaning are at risk of collapsing and sinking even further. We can repair all aspect of structural foundation problems and restore your foundation to better than new. Being experienced Masonry and bracing your foundation during construction repairs are no problem. We can add additional post, footings, columns, repair wood or add footings. Have foundation plans the need to be implemented we can help execute and implement every detail. Interior and exterior foundation repairs.

foundation Restoration 

​ When restoring your foundation we remove all aged loose mortars and replace it with lime based or Portland cement depending on type of stone, brick and water volume. We have the professional ability to make structural repairs including rebuilding failing wall sections. Often foundation repairs require below and above grade masonry repairs.
Having the skill set to match materials and install new brick, block or stone is vital in masonry restoration. When rebuilding exterior foundation walls it takes care and masonry precision to tie in brick and stone courses  for a seamless match. Knowing load weights, bearing points, lateral load weight and carrying compacity in foundation construction is also essential in rebuilding foundation walls.​

Spalling Bricks
  Spalling bricks can be repaired or replaced with new bricks. Spalling bricks occur when soft bricks retain moisture and sections of bricks fall off or spall. The spalling brick in foundations is caused by ground water at the grade base of the exterior. Over the years the bricks due to excessive moisture softens the clay and bricks can crumble. Massachusetts foundations were built with stone bases and brick above grade foundations for a more pleasing look . Brick laying allowed for more accuracy in layout of architectural plans. When repairing damaged bricks that have spalled, we remove all loose or deteriorated clay. If a brick is beyond repair we can easily add bricks. Spalling brick sections can be cleaned and treated with fortified masonry cement. We can add protective layers of cement coating to repair the structure of the brick wall and an effective barrier to moisture and future damage.

​Exterior Foundation Repairs
 Exterior foundation repairs services including crack repairs, pointing and stone setting are professionally offered. Brick foundation corners and wall sections can be rebuilt with new or existing materials. Waterproofing foundations and structural repairs often start with making exterior foundation repairs.
Ground level where the foundation base meets the free standing wall sections of a foundation is a common problem area we commonly repair. Over the years ground water causes damage and deterioration of foundation masonry joints. The loose joints cause shifts, cracks and leaks.

Below Grade Repairs
Below grade ground water and silts dry out and soften the mortar or lime used to construct the foundation. Throughout the life time of your foundation mortars become soft and flakey and loose their bond and waterproofing ability resulting in leaks and structural concerns. We provide interior stone foundation pointing and structural crack repairs. Complete foundation pointing services available.​

Foundation Waterproofing ​
Upon completion of all structural foundation repairs waterproof coatings and sealants can be applied if desired.  We use traditional lime for European white washing and fortified Portland cement based products for sealants. Structural skins and elastomeric masonry products can be used on specified projects. Exterior waterproofing and water shields sealants that help preserve your foundation and prohibit water saturation of masonry walls is another way we can reduce and stop water damage to preserve your foundation.​

 At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have been repairing stone foundations for decades. We are actual stone and brick masons who professionally install stone and bricks. We offer structural stone foundation repairs with the ability to completely restore your foundation. Our foundation repairs go beyond power washing and sealants. There is no sealant in the world that can relieve the back pressure of a bowing foundation wall. Being stone masons who have been building and repairing stone walls and foundations for three generations in Massachusetts we know what causes cracks in foundation walls, bowing, sinking, leaks and foundation failure. 

 Foundation problems typically start below grade with settling of the foundation base. Most Massachusetts homes have a 7ft foundation walls with 4ft below grade and 3ft. free standing. The four ft. below grade is essentially a stone retaining wall that acts as a footing for the 3ft of above grade. Over time ground silts and weaken the masonry joints in the often lime based foundation walls and cause leaks, cracks and shifting. Foundation base shifts below grade cause the above grade portion to crack, sink or shift which is are all signs of foundation failure.

 The below grade foundation bases become dry and flaky over time and loose strength and bonding ability this causes the masonry cement to fail and stones loosen. Stone shims that were holding building stones in place will fall out and cause joint stress resulting in cracks and loose stones.

                         By carefully repairing your foundation we preserve your foundation for years to come.


 We offer complete foundation restoration for interior and exterior stone, brick or block foundations. Complete pointing and restoration. Brick repairs, stone repairs, structural repairs and waterproofing. Lime based restorations and white washing with fortified cement based products. Basement sealant and waterproofing with complete structural repairs. Peabody, Salem, Beverly and Danvers foundation repairs available. Serving all fine areas. 

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