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 Peabody foundation repairs by local Peabody mason contractor. In 1971 our father started offering masonry repairs and basement sealing in the Peabody area. Being a Peabody resident T&C Masonry was a trusted name in local Peabody masonry. Today our company is located in Peabody at 0 Corwin st to serve our local customer base.

 We offer discount basement sealing and foundation repair specials to all Peabody residents. Complete basement restoration and pointing available. 

We start our days in Peabody, work in and finish our days there. We are a local Peabody company and fully licensed and insured to cover all your foundation masonry repair needs.   

 Growing up in a masonry family one of the first task we were giving is mixing masonry cement. The sand to lime ratio with portland cement to make mortars or concrete if needed. Carrying bricks and digging footings are all fond memories. But one of the first masonry task given beyond labor to a young apprentice in our family was white washing.

 White washing stone and brick foundations, a learned skill our Grand Father brought from Europe in the early 1960's. I can still remember my uncle and me covered in lime mix trying to coat the walls at 12 and 15 years old it was a lot funnier to us than to our Father and Grandfather. My uncle and me quickly got our act together and was trusted to seal the walls after the masons made all the structural repairs. We worked in many basements and businesses that summer in Salem sealing foundations and carrying bricks into basements on Derby st. and North st and a business on Washington st that's now a Dunkin Donuts. Every time I drive by I say white washed that basement with my Grandfather thirty years ago.

 As the seasons progressed we were shown how to point ( repair masonry joints ) and eventually lay bricks and set stone. 

 We still proudly work in Salem today with a hard to beat family history of foundation repairs in Salem Massachusetts.

Local Stone Foundation Repairs

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Peabody - Salem - Beverly - Concord - Newbury - Ipswich - Hamilton - Danvers - Winchester - Arlington - Lexington - Newton - Wellesely -Metro Boston and surrounding areas. 

Peabody Foundation Repairs

Salem Foundation Repairs

 Need foundation repairs to you local Peabody, Salem, Ipswich, Gloucester, Swampscott or Danvers home or business we can help. At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have been repairing stone and brick historic foundations in Massachusetts for three generations. From basic pointing or joint repair with white washing to complex structural foundation repairs we have you covered. 

  Foundation repairs of all kind welcomed. We are expert masons we can repoint old mortar, stop leaks, set stone or replace brick.

We've worked with thousands of property owners to repair their foundations.

 Stone foundation bases with brick foundations above grade can be repaired and restored to preserve your home or business. Foundation cracks, loose stones, dried out lime joints, flaky or soft deteriorated mortar joints can be repaired and loose stones set with brick replacement. Basement leaks and complete waterproofing available. All foundation repairs are made by professional stone and brick mason with decades of experience working with local stone and brick work. No hired help and amateur workers just professional masonry. Why settle for less have an actual stone mason fix, repair or restore your foundation.

​ We have years of experience building brick foundation walls that often rest on stone foundation bases. Sinking corners or twisted brick walls of your foundation can be repaired to look like new. Have interior basement bricks that are dried out and crumbling, spalling or falling out we can help restore these walls and restore structural integrity of your property. Brick columns can be restored or replaced with steel columns depending the situation. We use care and precision masonry skills when repairing your brick foundation in Massachusetts.

Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. can help you repair your stone foundation. Decades of hands on stone foundation repairs. Building with stone for foundation walls we take particular care in how we set each stone. We practice learned building techniques and consider all factors including load weight, back pressure, water volume, water table, grade and types of mortars or masonry cements to be used.

Massachusetts stone foundations
were built with available materials. Early homes foundations were built using field stone and stone rubble. With the manufacturing of brick in Salem Massachusetts homes started using bricks above grade. This allowed for a finer finished look than stone rubble and more affordable than granite. Local quarries started producing dimensional stone for sought after granite foundations. Blasted ledge was used for rubble foundations that relied more on the masonry cement to hold the stone together than the stone itself.

Quarry's in Chelmsford supplied stone for foundations in Concord, Carlisle and Bedford area. Quincy Quarry's famous granite can be seen throughout Lexington, Winchester and Arlington. Quarry's in Saugus supplied rose stone a form of purple or rose ledge stone that we often see on the North shore. Swampscott and early Lynnfield quarry's produced a blue split and seam face granite. We still use this stone today for rebuilding foundations and matching existing stone. Rockport granite or Cape Ann Granite can be seen regularly in Gloucester, Beverly, Danvers and surrounding area properties.  Reclaimed granite is available for historic material matching if needed.

What ever type of materials your foundation was built with and what ever condition it is in we can help. From small repairs to complete renovations and stone foundation waterproofing we have you covered.


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