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Specializing In Stone foundation Restoration &  Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs

Masonry repairs must be done by a professional. We are experienced in all phases of the trade. Call us at the first sign of trouble; it will always worsen if left unchecked. For three generations our masonry repairs have saved existing stone and brick work from expensive replacement, while preserving it for history. We repair all aspects of masonry working with home owners in Massachusetts to provide the best masonry repair service. Our company is a third generation residential masonry repair company. Everything we do from brick repair to stone wall repair is based on the same principles. Our work is clean, professional and fairly priced. We are a real established company that's incorporated and licensed by the state of Massachusetts in masonry and home improvements.

           All masonry repairs are completed by our company with no sub-contracting.   617-633-1896

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We offer free masonry repair estimates, usually with a few options.

The repair price, how much it would cost to repair the existing masonry

Structural repairs or rebuilds if needed
The cost of removing and replacing with new  masonry

The cost of removing and replacing the masonry with stone masonry if applicable or desired

          Licensed and insured masonry repair contractor 617-633-1896

Servicing the Peabody, Salem and  Danvers, Ipswich,  Newbury area with professional masonry repairs.

Also working in Burlington , Winchester and  Arlington area.​​

                  Specializing in Historic Stone Foundation Restoration. 


Masonry repair is an emergency if you see even the smallest crack, if there is bowing, sinking, or you are hearing noises from stress points in the building. Call us right away! Foundations are the most difficult of jobs and should be handled only by proven professionals like us. The integrity of your home or building depends on it.


A crack between stones or bricks will become a loose stone or brick when moisture gets in between and freezes and thaws. When this happens it may go unnoticed until someone falls. Then it becomes a liability issue. Call us at the first sign of cracks to your steps. We handle brick, stone, slate, marble and concrete. We can match any missing stones.

Retaining walls

Whether they are block or stone, a retaining wall damaged by weather or other means can be a serious threat to property, due to the fact that it can be holding back tons of soil. One more heavy rain or runoff can cause a landslide on your property. Before we need to bring in earth moving equipment, call us at the first sign of shifting, leaning or bowing.


We offer masonry repair on all types of walkways including concrete, slate, brick and even marble.
Patios. Freezing and thawing are the worst enemy of patios and a fact of life here in New England. Brick, slate or concrete all have the same foe. Call us when you see a tiny crack, before the weeds and ants move in.

What to expect

 When you call us for masonry repair you are getting a licensed and fully insured team of professionals that are proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau and maintain an A+ rating. Our masonry company is known for their experience and proven track records in New England.Our masonry tradesmen have specialized skills and training and have performed work on all kinds of masonry materials and structures. As a third generation, family owned and operated New England mason group, there is no repair situation that we have not performed successfully.

 All of our masonry repairs are completed by the owner of the company. We do not trust these task to the inexperienced or lowest subcontracted bidder.
 Our brick repairs are exactly that, we repair bricks by brick pointing, brick replacement or new brick works. Our stone repairs cover a lot of ground from stone patio repairs, stone foundation repairs, stone wall repairs, stone step repairs and all aspect of natural stone repairs.

stone foundation repairs