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Masonry Repairs

Brick steps often need repairs due to harsh winters and high foot traffic. Ice melt will weaken mortar and allow water to  penetrate bricks stones causing cracks, deterioration of mortar and loose stones. Damaged steps can easily be repaired by grinding, chemical wash to remove salts ,repointing failed mortar and setting loose stones and bricks. Repairing brick steps is a good way to save time and money by avoiding costly materials and disposal charges.

Stone walls in New England will lean, crack and fall. Our company has a rich history in stone masonry. Our current third generation owner spent 15-20 years building and installing fine stone masonry. After years of construction experience we can professionally repair any aspect of stone masonry. We repair cracks, loose stone and bowing walls. Repairs only. 

​Stone steps will need repair mostly due to mortar failure or stone treads becoming loose. We can rebuild and reset any aspect of your stone steps with professional results.

Foundation cracks and interior repairs can be made to restore and preserve your foundation. We special in historic stone foundation restoration today with generations of experience. Stone foundation repairs with lime restoration is for the experienced mason. Working with historic homes and stone foundations is tradition our family has enjoyed for 50 plus years. We have had the privilege to work on some of the first homes built in Massachusetts.

Concrete is the most used building material in the world and with that comes wide variations of repairs. Crack repairs, walkway repairs, foundation repairs, footing repairs and Portland cement repairs.

Stucco repairs from varying mortars can be made to restore your exterior or interior walls. Stucco can be painted and sealed with a variety of masonry sealants and paints.

Local masonry repairs working in Danvers, Beverly, Wakefield, Stoneham, Salem, Peabody and surrounding areas.


Masonry Repair Services

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     Thompson & Crowley Masonry Inc.

 Masonry repairs by Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. include years of professional experience. For decades our family has worked in Peabody, Salem, Danvers and Surrounding areas. We offer brick step repairs, stone foundation repairs, concrete repairs, full stone masonry repairs and block repairs. If it's made from a masonry material we have experience installing and repairing it.

 Being masonry restoration contractors we have experience with bricks, stone, mortars, cement, masonry dyes and additives. Growing up in a traditional masonry family we were shown how to use hydrated lime, Portland cement and different sands for a wide variation of results. Matching bricks, stones and mortar is second nature for an accurate repair or restoration. 

 There is no such thing as a small job in masonry. A small job and a small amount of cement or mortar can completely destroy your property often the main entryway. 

 We've all seen the unsightly concrete and mortar smeared all over bricks, blocks and cement. Avoid marring your property and fix your masonry once with professional masons. A lot of our work is fixing steps and walls that have been patched several times. Properly repaired bricks and stones should be undetected and last years to come.

​ Save time and money with Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. we are located on Peabody Massachusetts and work in surrounding areas. For decades we have built walls, steps and restored foundations. Today our company is foremost to meet all your masonry repair needs. 

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