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Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. is located in Peabody to help with all your foundation repair needs. We have generations of masonry experience working on local stone, brick, block and poured concrete foundations.  We can repair all masonry foundations from small brick repairs to complete interior and exterior restoration.

 Having the privilege living locally in Peabody for decades we have the experience working on hundreds of stone and brick foundations building strong ties on our community. Fully licensed and insured with a legitimate state of Massachusetts masonry company.

At Thompson Crowley Masonry we specialize in stone foundation restoration. We are expert stone, brick masonry contractors. We also have generations of experience working on Peabody foundations from small repairs to complete interior lime mortar restoration.  Working today with historic homes takes experience with masonry and materials. We use lime, lime based mortars and breathable sealants to fix, repair and restore foundations. Knowing how to restore and repair foundations while making them waterproof without trapping water and causing more damage is a unique skill set that we have mastered. 


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Foundations in the Peabody area are built with different masonry materials. Early period homes from late 1600's, 1700's, 1800's and early 1900's all used masonry for foundations. Masonry foundations consist of brick, stone and block all individual units of masonry bonded with mortars to form foundation walls. Early first period homes in the 1700's were constructed with native field stone and available rubble stone. Peabody homes in the late 1700's and early 1800's started using brick and granite above grade for decorative elegance and building accuracy. These homes sat on a stone foundations. The late 1800's and early 1900's shows the advent of concrete block being used to construct walls and foundations. Blocks first came in a solid form without a hollow core which were expensive and not a popular choice with the availability of natural stone and local brick manufacturing on the rise. 

 Masonry foundations built in Peabody from first period construction to early 1900's all used lime mortar for a bonding agent. The lime was mixed with washed sand and in rare occasions lime, sand and clay. Lime mortar used in the late 1800's had different amount of Portland cement for strength and bonding.  Foundations built with lime after years of ground water and the freeze and thaw cycle creates moisture in foundation walls causing the calcium and other bonding agents to leave the lime and dry out leaving the tell tale sandy walls. Soft, sandy, flakey, cracking and voids are all signs of mortar failure and requires repairs and maintenance. Mortar that dries out and becomes soft and sandy is beyond just a cleaning problem. The mortar looses its masonry bond to stone or brick causing the foundation base to shift, settle, bow, have voids and holes causing leaks and other unwelcome intrusions. The majority of early foundations had lime coatings on the inside to help with bonding, waterproofing and a finished look. This coating is vital to the preservation of the foundation, air quality and masonry itself. 

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