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Call Thompson Crowley today 617-633-1896  for a licensed and insured local contractor. We are from the North Shore of Boston. Our family and current owner have  been working on foundations in Peabody, Salem, Danvers, Ipswich, Beverly and Hamilton, Wenham area for decades. 

 We are professional stone and brick masons with the masonry ability to repair any aspect of your foundation. From small cracks to structural repairs we have you covered. 

 Take advantage of our experience and benefit from decades of local foundation repair knowledge. Determining mortar and materials is second nature for us. Native ledge stone to quarried stone we can match your foundation for seamless repairs.

 We offer free estimates with written contracts upon agreement of work. 

We've recently been privileged  to complete several foundation restorations in Ipswich and Newbury to first period homes from the 1670's and early 1700's. Its our pleasure to be trusted with the repair of historic homes and your stone foundations. All repairs made with care and attention to details. 

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 Stone foundation cracks and void repairs. Loose stones or holes in your Massachusetts foundation can be repaired. At Thompson Crowley Masonry we specialize in foundation repairs. Interior and exterior repairs of stone foundations. We are professional stone and brick masons with generations of experience working on Massachusetts foundations. We service first period historic homes from the 1600's and Early 1700's along with homes from the 1800's and early 1900's. We only work on stone and brick masonry foundations.

 We use period correct mortars along with modern materials for best results. When it comes to exterior repairs you do not want to destroy the aesthetics of your home with mortar discoloring and inexperienced workmanship. We carefully chisel out all cracks and use the correct pointing techniques. Stones foundations were built with different stone work from dimensional stone with dressed stones and clean recessed mortar joints to fieldstone and rubble.


 Different jointing or tooling of the joints were used for varying finishes. Barrel jointing, grapevine, polygonal, brushed, struck, fine and coarse sand all resulting in different appearances. When repairing exterior foundation cracks we do chisel out the cracks for longevity of the repairs. Chiseling out the cracks and damaged area has several benefits. The greater the mortar joint bed the greater the bond. Having a full deep joint to repair allows for the mortar to fully cure in the foundation.

 Just skimming over cracks in the foundation mortar does not have the depth of the stone to cure and the lime and pigments will turn white. Bright white unsightly joints draw attention to the repairs and mar the look of your home. 

 We also use coarse and fine sands, lime mixes, and different ratios of Portland cement based mixtures with restoration dye for accurate restoration and repairs.

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