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Stone Foundation Repairs 

Do you have cracks in your stone foundation? If so we can help you repair them by carefully removing damaged sections and replacing the mortar or cement with new high strength cements.

 Often foundations will shift and move over time causing the stones to shift. By resetting the stones in the correct manner you can secure your foundation for generations to come. Foundation stone wall construction is different than your average decorative stone wall.

When building or repairing stone foundation walls you have several things to consider. First is the foundation base which is actually a big retaining wall that acts as a footprint for your foundation.These walls typically are four feet below grade to prevent heaving. Resting on the foundation base is three ft. of free standing stone and often brick foundations.

 We have experience in all aspects of foundation repairs from rebuilding complete wall sections to corner repairs and preventative maintenance which includes
re-pointing and stone or brick setting. When stones shift in the foundation base that's when you see movement above in the free standing foundation sections. Careful repairs and correct stone building practices can stabilize your home for years to come.

loose stones or bricks - soft flaky cement - plaster white wash coating falling off - leaking - wet spots - leaning walls - bowing - floors sinking - column failure - floor joist and beam twisting - cracks in above grade exterior foundation - bricks twisting - Leaks - cracked concrete flooring - rotted old windows

We offer complete stone foundation repairs and construction.

 Our company can repair all structural concerns including cracks, mortar failure, bowing, foundation wall collapse, sinking foundation walls, cave ins, failing foundation corners, loose stones or brick work.

 Foundation base repairs and rebuilds with new brick work and column supports are also available.

 We are licensed and insured mason contractors and can stabilize and secure your foundation during repairs and construction. Having decades of experience with stone foundation repairs we know exactly how to secure your home and property and prevent further problems. From exterior crack repairs to below grade structural repairs we have you covered. 


 Complete basement pointing and restoration services are available by professional stone masons. We do not use gimmicks or magic materials that promises to solve your foundation concerns. We use sand, lime (NHL) and masonry cements along with professional pointing and stone setting to restore your foundation. Once all structural repairs are made we then have the option to apply waterproofing sealants with the confidence that all repairs are made.

Thompson Crowley Masonry a fully licensed and insured third generation New England stone masonry company with unmatched experience to fix, repair or rebuild your stone foundation walls. Having our stone masonry roots in stone foundation construction we know what works and what will stand the test of time.  
 When it comes to your foundation don't take chances with the inexperienced contractor go with a trusted name in masonry with a long history of service in Massachusetts masonry industry.

Lime foundation restoration  and pointing. Masonry cement mixed with hydrated lime and sand for use with hard and soft bricks. Authentic New England Masonry and historic preservation.

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Stone foundation repairs 

 Looking for an experienced masonry company who has worked in Massachusetts area for over fifty years with with three generations of experience to solve all your stone foundation and basement sealing problems. From small leaks to flooding or complete stone pointing we can help you. We are professional mason contractors who have spent decades building and repairing stone, bricks, block and cement. Benefit from years of experience and passed down masonry family knowledge to meet your foundation goals. 

 No claims of new systems or inventions that avoid repairing your foundation by applying who knows what. That only cover up, patch or divert the problem. We fix the problem the way your foundation was built with masonry. We do not avoid masonry repairs we make them with sand cement and lime and honest skilled labor.

   We do not cut corners and rely on fly by night materials to do our jobs. We restore your foundation in a traditional manner using best building practices and learned masonry skills. All our stone repairs are made by licensed and insured masonry contractor with knowledge of stone setting, masonry materials such as lime based mortars, portland cement and fortified cements. Structural concerns and leaning walls can be rebuilt with with new or existing stone and steal columns added for extra stability. Floor joist, rim joist and sill repairs along with expert masonry repairs.

 Exterior foundation repairs and water diversion with drains and cement aprons. Have a foundation leak we can help. 


Ask about our complete foundation restoration discounts which include exterior stone or brick foundation repairs, interior stone, brick or block repairs, lime restorations and pointing , brick or stone replacement and basement waterproofing. Traditional European white washing with lime based materials or fortified cement based polymers.

No salesmen with inexperienced hired help. Call our small family owned masonry company deal with us directly. No sub contracting just third generation New England masonry restoration made by master stone and brick masons.

Offering Peabody, Salem and Danvers area stone foundation repairs along with Burlington, Andover, Winchester and Arlington service locations. Massachusetts historic lime foundation restoration services. Period correct mortars. Serving Ipswich, Newbury, Topsfield and Rowley. 

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