At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have worked in the stone masonry business for decades. We have constructed walls and stone work throughout Massachusetts. From fine hand dressed artisan walls to farmers walls. Over the years of construction we have learned exactly what will stand the test of time in New England. Along with years of construction we have fifty plus years of family masonry experience passed down from generation to generation.

 The majority of walls that we built were replacing failing stone work,  so we have had the opportunity to see first hand what makes stone work fail. From bowing stone walls to failing steps we have repaired and replaced all aspects of stone work in Massachusetts.

 Today our masonry company offers professional stone masonry repairs to foundations only.

We repair stone foundations with the ability to make structural repairs. We can repair failing mortar, set stone and lay bricks.

Stone foundation wall repairs from cracks to rebuilding failing sections. Loose stones or cap stones we can help.

​​Walls we've built over the years today we offer foundation repairs, waterproofing and stone foundation services only.

Need foundation repairs we can help, we are professional masons with a legal local business. Our company is fully licensed & insured and owner operated. The owner a professional stone and brick mason who after years of construction today offers hands on expert foundation masonry repairs. 

                 We offer free estimates and all work is contracted and clearly stated before any repairs are made. 

 Don't take chances with unknown companies and inexperienced workers it takes only a small amount of mortar to destroy your property. At Thompson Crowley we take time and care to repair your stone masonry. To have an experienced local mason repair your wall foundation make sense. Having completed thousand of repairs and having decades of construction knowledge behind us there is no guess work. We can match local stones and building materials. Repairing stone masonry is second nature to us we can quickly identify the cause of failure and offer a cost affective solution.   

We are located in Peabody Massachusetts and have a Burlington location for service. Contact us today for all you stone repair needs.  

Stone Masonry Repairs

Our stone masonry can be seen all through out Massachusetts from Boxford to Arlington, Lexington, and Winchester.  We work with all property owners to provide professional stone foundation repairs with best building practices to last for generations.

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