Stone walls are part of our Massachusetts landscapes with availability of authentic New England granite builders took advantage of this natural stone resource. Stone walls were constructed on homes using the excavated ledge stone or the large supply of local quarried stone. Having our roots in Massachusetts with three generations of stone retaining wall experience we know what works and will stand the test of time to our New England weather. We have experience working with local stone used for walls and foundations. Dimensional stone and select wall stone including full veneer and field stone.

 At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have years of experience building stone work so we know exactly how to repair or rebuild your stone work.

 After purchasing wall stone for walls for so many years we have made connections with suppliers of stone. If you need bulk delivery of New England granite, field stone or select wall stone we have you covered. Need to match existing stone work we can help with that also, after repairing thousand of walls we know exactly the look and color of local stone by area. What is available today and what will match your property and neighborhood.

 By working with Thompson Crowley Masonry your taking the risk out of hiring a contractor that may or may not be able to handle your project. We have the experience to build and repair your wall with professional masonry skills, artistry and a proven history of success. Wall after wall and year after year we complete stone wall repair projects with happy customers and no complaints. Fully licensed, insured and  experienced.

 At Thompson Crowley Masonry we have been working on stone retaining walls for decades. We did not start out building new stone retaining walls we started with stone wall repairs. Over the years of repairing stone walls in Swampscott, Danvers, Arlington and Lexington area we learned what caused these walls to fail, what stone to use to make repairs and how to build a New England stone retaining wall. 

  Over the generations years have been spent on stone masonry and stone walls. No one is born a stone mason and we were not either. We had to be professionally trained and shown what works in our Massachusetts environment. How to split, chisel and dress stone for walls. How to install footings for stone walls, the amount of drainage and volume of stone required to retain earth. The correct heights for walls in accordance with building codes. Knowing overall what will fail and what will hold up for years to come.

 How to properly set stone retaining walls with the wall stone supporting itself not relying on cement or excessive stone shims to hold the wall stone in place.

Today Thompson & Crowley Masonry has generations of passed on stone retaining wall experience and decades of stone wall building experience. We professionally repair and build stone retaining walls.

 Stone walls are available in a variety of wall stone and finishes. New England field stone walls, ledge stone walls, custom granite walls, flagging, select wall stones, ashlar, dimensional stone, boundary walls, reclaimed granite and dry fit farmers walls.

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Stone Retaining Wall Repairs

 Building stone retaining walls in Massachusetts is a time held tradition that we are proud to take part in. We have spent years in the business visiting quarry's and suppliers to offer the best stone retaining wall services. Over the years we have learned what type of stone comes from what area of Massachusetts. From blue granite ledge stone with brown seam face we find in Swampscott, Lynn, Salem and Danvers area to grey granites we see in Lexington, Burlington and Arlington. Lynn and Lynnfield  once quarried grey granites that can still be found in local ledge. Beverly native stone turns into a beige granite with dark seams that looks similar to the stone we find on the South shore. Saugus is famous for its rose colored stone which today we can match with plum wall stone and a quarts stone from a local supplier. 

 Knowing how to match existing natural stone materials is very important in stone wall restoration and construction. Where to purchase and locate stone for walls and knowing whats currently available can make or break a project.

 A stone wall repair should blend into the existing wall and surroundings achieving the goal of a restoration. New stone wall construction should also not stand out and look unusual in our New England towns. Knowing what building stone is used locally helps to maintain and preserve your Massachusetts home. You would not typically put palm trees on your front lawn and the wrong stone could also have this effect and look out of place.

We also offer field stone restorations and rebuilds. Farmers walls and boundary walls can be rebuilt and restored for years to come. 

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