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Stone Steps

Massachusetts Stone Steps

 Stone steps by Thompson Crowley Masonry is a great choice for home owners looking to improve, restore or replace their existing steps. We build stone steps in Massachusetts with local granite and natural stone treads. We also use all aspects of stone for steps from quarry stone, reclaimed granite to dimensional stone. Stone is a great way to build steps on slopes or in a situation where brick may not be the best choice. Stone steps can be crafted to meet any height or distance to achieve building code compliance. Looking for curb appeal then stone steps are for you. Steps are often the main entryway of your home not a place to cut corners on materials or installers. At Thompson Crowley Masonry our family has been installing and repairing stone steps for over fifty years.

 We are a fully licensed and insured third generation New England Masonry company we are up to date on all building codes in stone step construction. Knowing what can be legally built is an important part of stair construction which includes many safety factors.

 We take time to make sure all our stone steps are visually pleasing, built with best learned building practices and code compliant.

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 Stone steps are a rock solid choice of material when you make the call to repair, redesign or initially build the structures for your home or business. What’s more is when you step onto your doorway first thing in the morning, chances are you are getting world class New England granite, if you go with that material. It is a wonderfully poetic start to your day.
Our stone steps, design and executed craftsmanship are the epitome of man using nature’s materials in creating a naturally flowing and organic structure. What you achieve with this material is a description of yourself that says it is in harmony with the natural world, offering a look that can be green, contemporary, modern or rustic. These sorts of steps can be the ideal way for homeowners or businesses with steeply sloped property to get from one place to another, including during difficult weather situations.
 The bottom line is that stone steps improve the look of any landscape, and between you and our seasoned stone masonry experts we will find the best and sharpest look for your property. Each landscape is unique, and though you may get an idea of how your land may look via online pictures, the reality is we can make it look even better. Nobody knows your yard like you do, and nobody knows how to design and implement stone masonry better in your community better than we do. It is time to work together to realize what your land is capable of achieving. 

How choosing stone steps can vastly improve your home’s curb appeal :

Functioning structure that fits right into your landscape
Waterproof materials that will not wear down
High all-around quality at affordable pricing
stone step repairs
stone tread repairs and replacement
stone landings

 Our rugged New England terrain is beautiful, but may be too difficult for some of our loved ones, friends and family members to navigate. Our stone steps and pathways can help you. Or, if everyone you know is perfectly healthy and able-bodied, why not make your landscape more manageable for you and everyone you entertain? Our work will make an art of your home or business while making it more navigable and functioning – all the while increasing your property value. It is a win-win scenario, and we are available seven days a week to consult with any project you have in mind.

 We have a close relationship with our suppliers who gives us excellent deals on their highest quality stone materials. Their local New England quarry comes to us direct, and any savings we get from this ideal business relationship is passed right on to you. That is not to mention our passion for our stone steps and everything else we do. Generation after generation within our family has fostered only the best and most precise workmanship. You are not just another job because, at the end of the day, this is our lifeblood. The minute we choose to complete work with anything less than the best eye for detail is the moment we begin to diminish the fine work of our company's history, which is a risk no one here is willing to take.

 We are licensed, insured and ready to reach top results for your property.

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