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Thin Stone Veneer

 Thompson Crowley Masonry offers complete masonry construction services to allow for any aspect of thin stone application. We offer masonry repairs of existing structures which can later be veneered with thin stone. We can also build any structure to allow for stone application.

 In the past we have worked with home owners, designers, builders, business owners, landscape architects and general contractors. All our work is completed with care and attention to detail and generations of experience.

 Thin stone can be added to interior and exterior walls and a variety of surfaces. Walls and steps are also a popular choice. Free standing patio walls that create boundaries for outdoor living spaces. Chimney's and fireplace's are often redesigned with thin stone for a modern look. Old walls and steps can be repaired and new natural stone can be added to existing structures.


 Stone foundation bases are great way to add the elegance of natural stone. Poured concrete foundations can be veneered to look like they have a natural stone foundation which greatly adds value and style to any home. 

New steps and walls can be constructed with concrete block veneered with thin stone and capped with dimensional stone.

       Fully licensed and insured third generation Massachusetts mason contractor

 In today's modern masonry world great advancements have been made in the use of natural stone. Massachusetts has a rich history of New England field stone, quarry stone, full range granite from tans, pinks and classic grey granite. Building with thin stone today we can achieve in days or weeks what would of once took months. Select wall stones are cut and split into manageable building sizes.


In the past building stone walls, stone steps or stone foundations required a trip to the quarry and hand selecting the best stone for building. The stones were full ledge and field stone which meant cutting, drilling, splitting and hand dressing every stone for construction. While being a time honored traditions that we still practice today. The same look and end result can be achieved with thin stone veneer.

 Not only does thin stone veneer save time in labor cost the material is available in a far greater range of colors and selections than bulk wall stone.

 Local quarry's have teamed up with businesses that provide thin stone veneer to offer a truly amazing selection of natural stone for your masonry project.

 Being third generation Massachusetts mason contractors and building stone walls for years we have full experience in building styles and applications. We know how to build with stones and how stones sit in relation to each other. We would not set a thin stone in a way a full stone would not be set disrupting the aesthetics of the wall. 

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Thin Stone Veneer applications